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            *Give you reliable sound system,



            Profitability:We are able to maintain an exceptional price-to-quality ratio by selling in large quantities,thus enabling our costs to be more competitive when compared to our rivals. because of this sales structure together with a fantastic product range that offers a complete solution. we are more attractive to big installation and construction companies ultimately. we save our customers money.


            Simplicity:All of our products are easy to install and use.because of the flexibility of our housings. loudspeakers can be quickly and easily installed into ceilings or walls.


            Reliability:Simplicity of design,using only premium suppliers for our minimum moving part components,gives our product range the edge in reliability. loudspeaker enclosures are produced from high quality ABS plastic. Amplifiers and players are extremely resisitant to dust and high temperatures and over load protection circuits are built into. almost every device are products are equally comfortable inside or outside a building. they are capable of being driven hard everywhere. we know this because we constantly test them in the lab and in the real world.










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            Home Page | About Us | News | Product List | Technical Support | Contact Us                         Add:No.15 Nanyangdong Street,Fuyi Road,Shiji Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,China.Zip Code:511400,                                   广州集绅电子有限公司                                                   Telephone:086-020-39990731                                   Fax :086- 020-3990731                                 Copyright © 2019 广州集绅电子有限公司

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