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            Professional Power Amplifier FP10000Q,FP14000


            Product Detail

            FP series amplifiers are with switch power supply,Its compact and precise structure makes it high-performance.Each channel has independent adjustable peak output voltage.which enables the amplifier to drive speakers with different power easily.intelligent protecting circuit provides advanced technology to protect the internal circuits and connected loads,so that the amplifiers and speakers can still be operated in extreme conditions.applied to situations like performance,Night clubs.etc.

            Power 8Ω2×2350W4×1300W
            Power 4Ω2×4400W4×2100W
            Power 8Ω8800W2×4200W
            Frequency response20HZz-20KHz, ±0.1db20HZz-20KHz, ±0.1db
            Size rate10V/us10V/us
            Damping factor>200>200
            Output circuitryClass HClass H
            Signal to noise ratio≥110DB≥110DB
            Cross talk≥75DB≥75DB
            Input impedance0.775v(0Db)1.2v1.6v0.775v(0Db)1.2v1.6v
            CoolingFront-to-rear air flow ,temperature controlled speedFront-to-rear air flow ,temperature controlled speed
            Amplifier protectionShort circuit , open  circuit, direct  voltage , hight temperature ,radio-frequency ,ultralow frequency.

            Professional Power Amplifier FP10000Q,FP14000
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